Pet Grooming in Jupiter FL

Groom Your Pet With Us!

At Jupiter Animal Hospital, we believe bathing and grooming to be essential to a healthy pet. Our pet stylist, Laura, has been grooming dogs for many years and will provide gentle, loving expert bathing and grooming care to your dog or cat. There are advantages to having your pet groomed with us:

  • Grooming your pet at Jupiter Animal Hospital can be a first line of defense for spotting lumps, infections or other abnormalities that you may not notice.
  • We have many years of experience grooming all breeds, sizes and ages of dogs.
  • We use only high quality, professional shampoos and conditioners.
  • We have heat-censored dryers to keep pets safe.
  • Skin, ear and any other problems can be noted by Laura and evaluated by our veterinarians while your pet is here.
  • We will clean and check your dog’s ears, which is especially important for dogs with long or droopy ears.


A clean, well-groomed dog will be happier, healthier and smell better! Our professional technician will bathe your pet using a natural shampoo or medicated shampoo, depending upon your pet’s special needs. Included with each bath is:

  • a nail trim
  • ear cleaning
  • anal gland expression
  • fluff drying

Full Grooming

Our full grooming includes everything included in a bath plus a brush out, breed-standard haircut or comfort haircut, ear cleaning, gentle removal of the ear canal hair, nail trim and filing, hair trim on the face, feet and tail as needed, and lots of TLC! Our groomer will trim, style, deshed or shave your pet according to your specifications. We promise you will love your pet’s haircut, and your pet will love his or her new look too!